“Attention All Business Executives Turned Independent Consultants: If You’re Serious About Success You Must Read This Before Doing Another Day’s Client Work...”

A Newly Updated 38 Page Free Report That Explains Why Accomplishments In Business Will Not Automatically Turn Into Rewards As An Independent Consultant…

If you have recently made the move from a business career to Independent Consultancy, then you have come to the right place.

More and more people are making this transition and to be honest many end up disappointed, frustrated and even struggling to make ends meet. Does this sound familiar? If so I have some good news for you… 

Our newly updated report, "Independent Consulting, A New Paradigm" will give you the knowledge, confidence and guidance you need to change your approach and put you on the path to the success you deserve...

You will discover:

  • What Independent Consulting is really all about;
  • Why this is a great time to be an Independent Consultant;
  • How rewarding and lucrative the profession is;
  • The 6 reasons why Independent Consulting is different from business management;
  • The most important word for you right now;
  • The 5 essential actions you need to take to accelerate your progress;
  • The capabilities you must master to secure a constant stream of clients and higher daily rates.

…In fact all the fundamental building blocks that have to be in place for you to make the shift from doing business to transforming business.

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About author Clive Mallard: 

Clive Mallard is an accomplished Independent Consultant with 40 years of consultancy, business ownership and business management behind him. He has led transformation projects with FTSE100 and Fortune 500 companies and has established a strong reputation as a trusted business advisor. He is now dedicating his efforts to guiding and supporting Independent Consultants around the world.