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Consulting Essentials - Stakeholder Management

How to identify key stakeholders for a project and set up a stakeholder engagement plan.
One of the most important enablers of a successful business transformation programme is to engage the organisation in the need for change and in the change itself. In particular, …

Consulting Essentials - effective use of PowerPoint

How to use PowerPoint presentations to effectively support stakeholder engagement meetings.
PowerPoint slides can support a presentation in a variety of different ways, depending on the environment, audience size, intended impact and so on. It’s the consultants’ (and bus…

“Why stakeholder alignment is so important and how to achieve it…”

Who are your project stakeholders, why is stakeholder alignment important and how to set up a stakeholder alignment programme.
The importance of Stakeholder Alignment was not highlighted strongly enough when I started out in Consulting. Over the years, though, I have learnt how critical it is to know who y…